Notifications & Inquiry Assignment Overview

The “Notifications” section of MyVR allows you to set up notifications for when important events within MyVR occur. These events include new inquiries being received, payments becoming due, and many others.



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Primary Notifications

To select a phone number and email address to receive all default notifications at, go to Setup > Notifications. Then, navigate to Primary Notifications.

Enter an email address for Primary Email Notifications, if desired. The Primary Email Notifications address will receive all notifications of guest communications.

You can also enter a phone number under Primary SMS Notifications to receive text alerts of new inquiries and reservations. 

Notification Rules

Notification rules allow you to notify MyVR users, property owners, renters, and third parties of events in MyVR. You can send both email and text message alerts. To get started, go to Setup > Notifications and then navigate to Notification Rules.

To create a new notification rule, click on New Rule

Next, enter a name for the rule

Add one or multiple recipient(s) for the notifications. Recipients can be a MyVR user, a property owner, a custom recipient, or the Primary Notification Contact. The Primary Notification Contact refers to the email address and phone number you entered in the Primary Notification section of Notifications.

Select the events that you would like the recipients to be notified of. You can have notifications for all events or a subset of events.

Finally, add restrictions and create the notification rule. You can choose wether or not to send the notification based on Property Group, Property, Time, and Weekday.

Your rule is now ready. The recipients you selected will be notified of the events you chose within the limits of the restrictions you set.

Inquiry Assignment

Assigning an inquiry to a MyVR user will cause MyVR to send all event notifications for that inquiry to the selected MyVR user. To assign an inquiry to a user, go to Messages > Inquiries


Now select Assign User from the action menu for the inquiry you'd like to assign.


Choose a MyVR user to assign the inquiry to. Click Close after you have made your selection. If you'd like to change or remove your selection, click the X next to the name of the user you selected.

Notification Testing Tool

You can see exactly who will be notified of events using the Notification Testing Tool. Go to Setup > Notifications and click Testing Tool.

Once in the tool, select an event, property, date, and time. Click Run Test to see who will be notified and how.

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