How do I manage my listings?

Listings can be established through MyVR's Marketing page. Ongoing, listing content (e.g. calendar, descriptions, photos...) can be managed directly within

Please note, not every site accepts the same information. Listing integration is challenging given each site has their own unique set of business rules and operations. The short version of how our integrations with the major listing sites work is this:

- We are only able to integrate the calendar. You can do that in the calendar section of your account.

- We are able to do full listing management (photos, descriptions, rates, calendar) for new FlipKey listings purchased through MyVR.

- For existing listings, we are only able to do calendar management

- If you purchase a new listing via MyVR, we set up and manage the whole listing for you.

- If you have an existing listing, we can take over management of the whole listing (not just the calendar). This effectively means we overwrite everything in the listing with what is in your MyVR account for your property. We can describe this in further detail if you are interested.


Please contact us directly if you are interested in further detail.

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