Can I manage my Airbnb listing through MyVR?

Yes!  You can manage your Airbnb listing with your MyVR account.  That means photos, rates, descriptions, etc. are synced with your Airbnb listing, and reservations and inquiries are managed from your MyVR account.  You can read more about these offerings for Owners and Property Managers.

Alternatively, we are able to sync just your Airbnb calendar with your MyVR calendar. The syncing is bi-directional, meaning a) you can set up your MyVR calendar to pull in your Airbnb calendar events (import from Airbnb), and b) you can set up your Airbnb calendar to pull in MyVR calendar events (export to Airbnb).  So you can make changes in either calendar and know the other one will be updated.  Reservations created in your Airbnb account can also be recorded in your MyVR account using this tool.  You can read more on how calendar syncing works.

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