Classified: Post an Ad to a Classified Provider

Step 1: Log in to your MyVR account and navigate to Marketing > Channels


Step 2: Scroll down to the Classified Ads section.


Step 2: Click Get Started


Step 3: Choose the Classified site you wish to post in by clicking on the drop down Select a Site.


Step 4: If posting to Craigslist, select the area you would like to post in. The area that we think is closest to your property will be automatically selected. You may change to a different Craigslist area by clicking on the “Area to post ad in” dropdown. Enter in the name of a Craigslist area or site name to filter the result and choose your desired area.

You are free to post in any Craigslist area but we highly recommend that you post in the area that is closest to your property to avoid having your ad removed by Craigslist.


Step 5: MyVR can automatically remind you to repost your ad to maximize results. Toggle the Remind me to re-post option to yes and choose a reminder frequency.


Step 6: We will build a Classified ad for you using your property information. To generate your ad and copy to a a classified site, select the button Get My Ad.


Step 7: A popup window will appear providing you with a preview of your ad. You will now want to click the button Select as HTML or Select as Text  to copy your property information to your clipboard.


Step 8: Once copied, you can close out the preview window and navigate directly to your Classified of choice by selecting the Take me to [Classified Name]


Step 9: A new tab (or window) will open for you allowing you to post your ad on your Classified. Follow the posting instructions within that Classified and paste your copied data directly into the posting field. Some sites may require you to validate your posting via an email. Ads typically show up on the classified site 15 to 30 minutes after posting.

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