Tutorial: Add additional property information with custom fields

You can use custom fields to add additional information for your property, such as parking directions, property specific videos, and much much more! These fields are available for use in your automated emails, and in the property detail pages via our website editor. 
1) Go to the "My Properties" section

2) Find the property you wish to add additional information for and click "Edit"

3) Click "Custom Fields"

4) Click "Add Field" 
5) Choose an existing field or click "add new field"
6) Setup your new field
In this screen, you can add a name for your new field, and choose a format. Your field is available for use in automated emails, and in your property detail pages of your website.
So for example you can use it to embed property specific videos, access instructions, and much much more.
Choose a format, (text/html, or a file), and fill out the relevant information. 
NOTE: The required for all properties makes this field mandatory for all new properties that are added. 
The "text/html" format can also accept embed code from things such as YouTube, javascript and much more, as well as plain text.
The file format, allows you to upload files such as PDF, which are often used for house manuals. 
IMPORTANT - If you are embedding HTML such as an iFrame or YouTube video, you will need to click on the HTML source button before you add your HTML: 
7) Use your new field. 
Your field is now available for us in automated email templates: 
If your field is a file, you can also use it as an attachment. Note: the file being attached will not adapt to the inquiry / reservation if used on a template. You are attaching the file, not the custom field.
The custom field is also available via the layout editor for your property detail pages.
Simply select the field you want to display in the component settings, after you have dragged it into your property detail template:
Note: You can also edit the title field that is displayed on your website.

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