Managing MyVR Subscription Billing

MyVR subscriptions are paid by credit card.  If you need to use an alternate payment method, please contact MyVR support.

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You can update your payment method by clicking on your name at the top right of your account > Billing:

Alternatively, use Setup > My Account > Billing:


Click on the Invoices section:

The invoices list will show you your entire invoice history, including when the invoice was due, the amount due, and whether or not it was paid, unpaid, refunded, or partially refunded.

Click on View Invoice to get the invoice details.  At the top you'll have a summary:

Followed by a list of line items and their individual price and quantity:

And finally at the bottom, a payment summary:


Payment Method

Click on the Payment Method section:

You can add a new payment method by clicking the Add a Payment Method button:

Fill out the form and click Add Credit Card:

The city, state, and postal code of your billing address are required for verification.

If multiple credit cards are on file, you can choose which one to make the primary.  This is the card that will be billed by MyVR for subscription payment.  To set a different card as the primary, click on Actions > Set as Primary next to the desired card:

Upgrade Account

Click on the Upgrade Account section:

Choose the plan to which you would like to upgrade.  You can also choose whether you would like to purchase a Monthly, Yearly, or Two Years subscription.  For each subscription, the full charge for that term happens upon upgrading.



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