Purchase a New Custom Domain Name

If you want to purchase a domain name via MyVR rather than from an outside registrar (eg GoDaddy), you can do so when managing your MyVR Website. Your website's domain name will show up without the "" (eg

Already have a domain name?  Please read here.


  1. Publish your Website: make sure your website is published
  2. Purchase Domain: purchase the domain name in MyVR and we take care of the rest

1) Publish Your Website

If you haven't already, publish your website in your MyVR account.  Go to Websites > My Websites > [click Manage next to website] > Summary.  Click on Publish Website:

2) Purchase Domain

In the same summary section as in Step #1, click on Add Domain:

Select Buy Domain:

Enter the desired domain name and check to see if it is available:

Once you find an available domain name you like, click Purchase Domain.

Note: it can take 24-48 hours for the changes in Step #3 to take effect.

Optional: if you would like to make the domain you just verified the primary domain, click the Actions dropdown next to the domain and select Make Primary:

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