Websites: Modify Your Website Template

Templates control how your content looks on the page and are extremely helpful when you have to produce a lot of pages. Templates make your website’s look and feel consistent. When you want to change the template (say, the color or an image), you have to make the change only once and it will be reflected on every page of your website. Below are step by step instructions on how to modify your Website Template.


Step 1: Click on the Websites tab

Step 2: Identify the property you wish to edit under the single or multiple property section and select Website Option


Step 3: Navigate to Design & Template


Step 4: Select the Change Design button


Step 5: By selecting Change Design, you will be launched into the page designer. If using a retired template you will be presented with a warning stating your template has been retired. You will have the ability to modify your template from the warning, otherwise you can modify/upgrade your template by selecting Template: Change button in the right hand menu.


Step 6: Choose an alternative template by selecting the Choose Template option.


Step 7: If you are satisfied with your template selection, select Save Design button in the bottom right menu.

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