Websites: Modify Website Content

Changes to your websites can be made within the website editor under the website tab. To do so, follow these step by step instructions:


Step 1: Click on the Websites tab


Step 2: Identify the property you wish to edit under the single or multiple property section and select Website Option


Step 3: Navigate to Pages


Step 4: Once in Website Pages, select the Edit button next to any active page


Step 5: By selecting Edit, you will be launched into the advanced page editor.

MyVR offers websites pre-designed templates that work for most of our customers. We recommend only advanced users use the page editor.

From the advanced page editor, you will have the ability to modify your website content. To do so, click on any field you want to modify and make your changes. You can modify 90% of the text fields within the editor. All additional fields can be adjusted via the component setting.

You can click Reset at any time to undo your changes and revert to your default template.


Step 6: If you are satisfied with your changes, select Save Page button in the left hand menu.


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