Websites: Modify Inquire Form Settings

Step 1: Click on the Websites tab 

Step 2: Identify the property you wish to edit under the single or multiple property section and select Website Option

 Step 3: Navigate to Pages & Content

Step 4: Once in Website Pages, select the Actions button next to the Contact Us page


Step 5: By selecting Actions, you will be asked to pick which editor you prefer. From either of the editor's, you will have the ability to modify inquiry form settings. To do so, hover over the inquiry form and click the green Settings button.


Step 6: Upon clicking, Inquire Form Settings will appear. You can then modify the default fields by toggling on and off the settings.


Step 7: Select the Save Settings button to see the updates to your inquiry form.


Step 8: If you are satisfied with your changes, select Save Page button in the left hand menu.

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