What are the Advantages of Signing Up for FlipKey Through MyVR vs. Directly Through FlipKey?

First and foremost, MyVR can only manage FlipKey listings that are purchased via your MyVR account.  Please review our policies for FlipKey listings and how they work.

A MyVR FlipKey listing works differently than a listing purchased at  When you set up your listing at, it is free to start.  You and your renters then pay a fee only upon receiving a booking.  You must book using FlipKey's platform, and you cannot contact the renter directly prior to booking (all communication must go through FlipKey).

On the other hand, a MyVR FlipKey listing is an annual subscription, you pay the subscription fee up front, but then you are not charged any fees per booking.  You receive the renter's contact information immediately, and you can transact using whichever platform you like.  Of course, a big advantage to this approach is that you can sync your whole listing using MyVR if you purchase it through us.

Both setups have their advantages, so it comes down to what's right for your business.

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