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MyVR makes it easy for users to create and manage blog postings all within the comforts of the Website Editor.

Step 1: Log into MyVR and navigate to Websites > Websites select Manage for the website to edit

Step 2: Navigate to the Blog tab in the left-hand menu


Step 3: Select the button Ready? - Create Blog in the right-hand corner.


Step 4: Create a Blog title.

Key in a title for a blog in the Name field. Users also have the ability to specify a blog web address. By default, a URL will be created as /blog subfolder. Choose to modify the default subfolder name to incorporate keywords which may help to bolster overall SEO.

Once complete, select the button Create Blog.


Step 5: To create the first blog post, select the button New Blog Post

Step 6: Title first posting

Title first blog posting in the Title field and then select Create Blog Post

Step 7: Begin a blog post

By selecting Create Blog Post, users will be launched into the layout page editor. From the layout editor, users will have the ability to blog, upload photos as well as videos. Simply click on the starter text on the screen to write the post.

Step 8: Posts will not be made visible until published. Once the post is complete, select Save Page button in the left-hand menu.

 Step 9: Navigate to Dashboard

Once saved, exit the editor by selecting Exit Editor in the top left-hand corner.

Step 10: Publish Posting

Navigate back to the Blog tab in the left-hand menu of the website options.

The first blog post will be shown in a list on the blog page with a Draft status. To publish a posting, click on the Draft Icon.

Upon selecting, a settings window will appear allowing users to toggle the Published button in the top right-hand corner to Yes. Click "Save Blog Post" once complete.


Step 11: Customize header navigation

The blog should now be published.

If the blog hasn't been updated to the header navigation, a prospective renter may not have the ability to find it. To add the blog to a header navigation, follow these instructions.

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