How to create a single property website

Step 1: Step 1: Log into MyVR and navigate to Websites > Websites click New Website

Step 2: Pop up will show website options, select Single Property website.


Step 3: Then from "Choose Property:" select property. The domain name will be autogenerated — update website name if needed. 


Step 4: click on the Create Website button.

Step 5: Website will be routed to the template page, select a template (you may change your template at any time). 


After selecting template, click "choose Template"

Step 6: Change the content and design by going to the "Design & Branding" page and clicking "Edit Design." See Design and Branding website section for editing a website's content and pages in more details.

To leave the design screen, click "Exit" in the bottom right corner.


Step 9: Publish website. Go to Summary tab and click "Publish Website"

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