Getting Started: How To Create A Single Property Website

Step 1: Select Websites from the top navigation menu

Step 2: Select Single Property from the sub-heading menu bar

Step 3: Click on the Create Single Property Website button

Step 4: Enter a name for the site and click on the Create Website button or click on Add a Property to first add your property if it is not listed

Step 5: Select a template (you may change your template at any time)

Step 6: If you are creating a single property website for the first time it is recommended that you watch the short instructional video that appears once you select a template

Step 7: Once you have completed your preliminary Design click Save Design

Step 8: You can now exit the Design Editor by selecting Exit Designer or make more changes to other aspects of your website by selecting from the drop-down menu at the top of the page (you can make additional changes to the page you are on by selecting the gear icon immediately next to the menu).  If you are just getting started you will get the best view of all your options by exiting the designer. Note: Always remember to save your changes before leaving a page!

Step 9: When you exit the Designer tool you will be taken to the Single Property page within your MyVR account. From here you can access all the design options, features and content for your multiple property website. You can also select the drop-down menu at the top left if you wish to edit or review any single property websites you may have created previously.  If you have finished creating your multiple property website, select Summary from the left side menu.  From here you can preview your website to duplicate the experience of end-users or publish it if you are ready for it to go live.

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