Point Your Custom Domain to Your MyVR Website

If you have already purchased your domain name or you prefer to purchase one outside of MyVR you can set it up to point to your MyVR Website. Your website's domain name will show up without the "" (eg


  1. Publish your Website: make sure your website is published
  2. Add Domain to MyVR: add the domain name to MyVR so we map the domain to your website
  3. Change DNS at your Registrar: make changes in the account in which you purchased the domain to point it to MyVR
  4. Verify your Domain in MyVR: let MyVR know you have made the configuration changes

1) Publish Your Website

If you haven't already, publish your website in your MyVR account.  Go to Websites > My Websites > [click Manage next to website] > Summary.  Click on Publish Website:

2) Add Domain to MyVR

In the same summary section as in Step #1, click on Add Domain:

Select Connect a Domain:

Enter your domain name and click Link Domain (note: do NOT include 'www.' at the beginning of the domain name):

Your domain will then appear in the domain list as Not Set-Up:

3) Change Your DNS Settings

Next will need to make two changes at your registrar:

    1. Change your A record

       - Make sure the Host "@" points to

    2. Edit your CNAME record

       - Edit the CNAME record with the Host "www" so it points to

Instructions for specific registrars (your registrar may not be included):

4) Verify Your Domain

Return to the summary page for your website, at Go to Websites > My Websites > [click Manage next to website] > Summary.  Click the Actions dropdown and Verify Domain:

If your domain was configured correctly in Step #3, your domain will be verified.

Note: it can take 24-48 hours for the changes in Step #3 to take effect.

Optional: if you would like to make the domain you just verified the primary domain, click the Actions dropdown next to the domain and select Make Primary:

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