Adding an external link in the navigation bar

Step 1: Log into MyVR and navigate to Websites > Websites select Manage for the website to edit

Step 2: Go the Pages & Content tab, then go to the Home page. From Actions dropdown, click Layout Editor.

Step 3: Confirm choosing layout editor.

Step 4: By selecting "Layout Editor," you will be launched into the advanced page editor. Hover over the header navigation and click the green gear icon button.


Step 5: The Header Navigation Settings will appear. You will then want to add the External Link component from the right-hand navigation.

Step 7: Drag the External Link component into the active navigation table. 

Note: Navigation placement shown in Header Navigation Settings will mirror the placement on the live site.

Step 8: Select the External Link Click To Edit button 

Step 9: An edit field will appear below the External Link navigation bar which will allow users to specify the Navigation Text and External URL.


Step 10: Select the "Save for Entire Site" button to see the updates to the header navigation. 

Step 11: If satisfied with your changes, click Save Page in the left-hand menu.

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