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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important component of a website's success in generating business.  MyVR offers many ways to help propagate and improve the SEO of your website.

Step 1: Log into MyVR and navigate to Websites > Websites select Manage for the website to edit

Step 2: Select Site-wide SEO from the left side menu 

Step 3: HTML Title 

The HTML title is a critical element of SEO.  It's an element prioritized by search engines and is displayed in the title bar of a visitor's web browser as well as when someone bookmarks your website. Enter the HTML title you would like to appear in the HTML Title box. 

 Step 4: Website Description

The Website Description is the meta description search engines to use when your page is displayed in search results. Enter a description of 120 characters or less in the Website Description box.


 Step 5: Website Keywords

Website keywords further help search engines generate relevant search results. Enter words and short phrases that you would like associated with web searches for your site in the Website Keywords box. 

Step 6: Click Save SEO Settings when finished

Step 7: You can also perform the last three steps for individual pages of your website, rather than for the entire site, by accessing Settings for the individual pages in your MyVR account or within the page editor (below)


Note: MyVR automatically submits your site to the major search engines for indexing every 30 days. Indexing collects and parses data to improve search speed and accuracy.  If you have new information you may want to manually re-submit your data 



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