Add, delete or modify a contact form

Add a contact form to a website

Step 1: Log into MyVR and navigate to Websites > Websites select Manage for the website to edit


Step 2: Go the Pages & Content tab, go to the page where the form is needed. From Actions dropdown, click Layout Editor


Step 3: Confirm choosing layout editor.

Step 4: Open the Dynamic Component drop-down menu, and select the Contact Form tile. Drag the tile over the area you want to put it to reveal the green Place Here marker and drop.

Step 5: Click on Save Page before exiting


Delete an existing form

Step 1: Follow the above steps 1 - 3 to get to Layout Editor screen 

Step 2: Hover over form to reveal the trash icon to delete the form. Click it and then select Delete It to confirm. 


Step 3: Click Save Page before exiting 

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