Inbox: Managing Your Inbox

Your MyVR Inbox provides several ways to manage inquiries.  




Select Multiple Messages

Click on the arrow by the Select icon to reveal dropdown menu and choose a category 



Inquiries of the selected category will show a check mark and be highlighted in blue 



Archive Messages

Click on the box next to an inquiry you want to archive



Click on the Archive icon and the inquiry will be removed from the Inbox list view and archived.  You can reveal archived messages using the filter function



Permanently Delete Messages

Click on the box next to an inquiry you want to delete for good then click on the Permanently Delete icon 



Mark Messages As Read / Unread 

Click on the box next to the inquiry you want to change and click on the Mark As Read icon or Mark As Unread icon, either at the top of the page or to the right of the selected inquiry




Sort Messages

Click on the arrow by Sort to reveal dropdown menu then choose the category you would like to sort by




Filter Messages

Click on the arrow by Filter to reveal dropdown menu 


1. To reveal inquiries you have previously archived select Show Archived box 

2. To see inquiries for a specific property, open the dropdown menu Select a Property 

3. To see inquiries generated by a specific source, click on the source within the Inquiry Source list




1. To view inquiries within a date range, select the Check-In and Check-Out fields beneath Inquiry Dates to set range

2. To view inquiries within a specific duration, set minimum and maximum nights beneath Stay Duration

3. If you've finished with filtered viewing, click on Clear All Filters to return your Inbox to normal view



Create An Inquiry 

Click on New Inquiry to manually create an inquiry for interested parties 



Select the property for the new inquiry from the dropdown menu 


Enter details for inquirer, then select Create Inquiry



Manage Inquiry Detail View

Once you create an inquiry you will be taken to the detail view, where you can review details and take a number of actions. Below is a description and some screenshots of the inquiry detail view with the Conversation tab selected. 

1. View the new inquiry in a snapshot on your calendar 

2. Open the specific property calendar for your inquiry

3. Write an email to the inquirer*

4. Opening the Quotes tab will allow you to manage your quotes or build a new quote.

5. Attach a new or existing quote to an email

6. View dates and guest count associated with this inquiry

7. Choose from a number of actions you can take with this inquiry (see second screenshot below)

8. Select a template to send to the inquirer 

9. Send your email message!

*If you scroll towards the bottom of your Inquiry Detail View you can see a timeline of your conversation and the quotes you've sent (see third screenshot below).









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