Tutorial: Viewing Your Calendar

There are two calendar types viewable from your MyVR account: Single Property and All Properties.  Within each are a number of options for customizing views. 



Single Property View

All Properties View


Single Property View

Step 1: Navigate to Calendar > Single Property and select the property's calendar you wish to view from the drop down menu 


Step 2: You can see inquiries in the Single Property view on your calendar page by navigating to Calendar > Single Property and toggling the Show: Inquiries slider


Step 3: There are several toggle options which allow different views of the occupancy status of your property (navigate to Calendar > Single Property)


Step 4: You can add a new event to your calendar when in Single Property View


All Properties View

Step 1: For multiple properties you can view and compare the occupancy status and day rate of all your properties in one display in the All Properties view (navigate to Calendar > All Properties)



Step 2: Change the day(s) displayed in the All Properties view by accessing the Viewing drop-down menu or navigating with the Today arrows 

Step 3: If you wish to search your calendar for specific parameters, click on the Select Filters drop down menu on the upper right of the page, choose the characteristics for your search and click the Check for Matching Properties button



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