Tutorial: Edit A Property Group

There are a number of ways you can edit or change the way you view the property groups you've created.


Step 1: Log in to your MyVR account and navigate to Properties > Groups


Step 2: Identify the property group you wish to edit and select Edit Group


Step 3: To change the properties within a property group you've created, use the Included / Excluded tabs.  To remove a property click on the Remove From Group button after selecting the Included tab.  To add a property click on the Add To Group button after selecting the Excluded tab


Step 4: Within the filter properties window you can set specific parameters to determine some of the shared characteristics of the properties in your group


Step 5: You can also adjust the display order of the properties in your group by selecting the Sort by drop down menu

Step 6: If you want to change the name of the group select Edit Group


Step 7: You can sort the order you view the properties in your group with by clicking on the relevant column headers


Step 8: If you want to delete a property group, select the delete button and confirm once more in the window that appears


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