Tutorial: Renters and the Booking Process

This tutorial provides a walkthrough of the booking process for your rental from the renter's point of view.  

By being familiar with what renters are seeing and the steps they are taking you will be better able to answer their questions and will recognize aspects of the booking process that a renter might refer to of which you might otherwise be unaware. 



Submitting Inquiries 

Inquiries To Online Booking

Instant Bookings

Renter Payment Page

Manual Reservations To Online Booking 



Submitting Inquiries

When someone visits your site and is interested in renting a property, they typically will submit an inquiry or attempt to book their stay right from your website if you have set up online payments for your MyVR account to accept payments online and Instant Bookings enabled.  

When you build your MyVR website you can choose either or both of two header navigation tabs: Instant Bookings and Inquire & Book.  


If you opt for Inquire & Book you enable the renter to send you an inquiry online to your MyVR Inbox.  (Note: if you have set up a Stripe account and enabled Instant Bookings they will also have that option within the Inquire and Book window.)

To submit an inquiry the prospective renter must fill out all the fields in the Inquire & Book window.  This will generate an estimate that they can see before they click on Send Your Inquiry.



Inquiries To Online Booking 

After submitting an inquiry, if you have set up an automatic responder, the prospective renter will receive a response. Otherwise, they will not hear from you until you process their inquiry, which will now be visible in your MyVR inbox.  From there you can issue a message for them, generate a quote or create a reservation.  

When you send a quote you can select the Request Online Payment box (see first screenshot below) which will send the inquirer an email with a Book Online link (see second screenshot below for an example of what they would receive).

screenshot #1

 screenshot #2


If you do not select Request Online Payment they will receive the same message without the link.

Once an online card payment has be tendered for a reservation, either by the renter or submitted manually within your MyVR account they will have access to the Renter Payment Page.



Instant Bookings

If you have Instant Bookings enabled and a Stripe account set up, an inquirer can book directly online.  When visiting your website they will be able to select a Book Now button or, if they select Inquire and Book they will also be prompted with a "Ready To Book?" link.  Choosing either of these options will take them to the Renter Payment Page.




Renter Payment Page

Upon selecting Book Now or Ready To Book on your website they will be taken to stage 1 of the Renter Payment Page, Plan Your Stay.


Once their stay details are filled out, they renter will be able to click Next - Payment Details and move to stage two of the Renter Payment Page.  If you have "Require Renter Address" selected for the booking policy you are using this page will also require their billing address.


Upon entering their payment information and agreeing to the terms of the rental agreement, the renter can click Next: Review Reservation and advance to the next stage.


In the Review & Submit view, renters can review the details of their stay once more before submitting payment and add any questions or comments they may want to relay to you.  When ready they can click Submit Request.  They will then be taken to the next view, Your Stay Details.



The renter's submission is now in your MyVR Inbox and pending your approval for confirmation (first screenshot below).  At the same time, the renter will receive an email which includes a link to the Your Stay Details which they can check to verify the status of their inquiry at anytime (second screenshot below).


screenshot 1



screenshot 2



Manual Reservations To Online Booking 

If you enter a reservation manually within your myvr account you can still take an online payment if you set up a card on file.  

When a renter contacts you by phone or email, manually create the reservation in the Reservation section of your account.

Once you've taken the steps above, send them a quote (with "Request Online Payment?" enabled) they will receive an email with access to their Renter Payment Page.








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