Multiple Property Websites: Publish a Multiple Property Website

Step 1: Log in to your MyVR account and navigate to Websites > Single Property and click on Website Options for the website you want to publish


Step 2: A banner will appear asking if you want to publish your website.  If you feel it's close to ready you have a few options (remember you can continue to make as many changes as you like once it's published) 

1. If you are certain that you are ready, simply push the orange Publish My Website button

2. It's recommended that you review your website one last time before you publish it.  If you want to see and navigate through your website as it will appear to a visitor once it's published, click the Preview Website button

3. You have the option of changing the name of your MyVR web address (it defaults to the name you gave it when you entered the property information).  Once you publish you can not change your MyVR website name, though you can create a custom domain with a different name (e.g. after you've published in the Website Settings section


Step 3: If you choose option 3 (above), the Set Your MyVR Web Address window will appear.  To change the name from the default, enter it in the Your MyVR Web Address field. You can publish from this window, if you don't need to preview your website again, by clicking Ok! Publish My Website




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