Tutorial: Understanding The Reservations List

The Reservations List is the highest level view for reservations, where all active reservations (and those that have been active) can be accessed and new reservations created.  

Login to your MyVR account, navigate to Reservations > Reservations and you will arrive at the Reservations List page.



Sort Reservations

Filter Reservations

View Reservations By Property

Search For Reservations

Create A New Reservation


Sort Reservations

Open the drop down menu in the Sort tab to sort reservations in particular orders.  Choose a category you want to sort by or clear existing sorts.



Filter Reservations

Open the drop down menu in the Filter tab to filter reservations by specific traits.  

Note: there are several filter options revealed in each of the submenus By Status, By Time, and Property Groups.  

Click Reset Filters to clear.



View Reservations By Property

You can view reservations by a specific property within the List View.



Search For Reservations

You can use the search box to locate reservations by names or partial names.


Create A New Reservation

Reservations can be created manually in MyVR for inquiries taken over the phone or otherwise not booked electronically through your MyVR website or marketing channels.  

Once you create a reservation you will still want to build a quote and use the many other functions in the reservation details view to set reservation terms, arrange and record payments, and execute a number of other reservation actions.

You can manually create a reservation from either your inbox within an inquiry detail view or from within the reservation list view (see screenshots below).



A New Reservation window will appear.  Select the property the reservation is for from the dropdown menu, fill some of the basic reservation details in the appropriate fields and click Create Reservation.



After you create a new reservation you will be taken to the Reservation Details view, where you can manage and navigate through all aspects of your reservation.



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