Tutorial: Managing A Reservation

Once you select a reservation from the Reservation List or create a new reservation you will be taken to the Reservation Detail page. From there you can take many actions to manage your reservation.

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Create A Reservation

See Create A New Reservation in the Understanding the Reservations List tutorial.

One of the first things you may want to do with a new reservation is generate a quote.  See Build A Quote to learn how.

Cancel A Reservation

When you cancel a reservation it will be removed from your reservations list view, but you will still be able to access the inquiry in your inbox or have the option of archiving it for future reference.  

To cancel a reservation, select Cancel Reservation from the Actions drop-down menu within the reservation details view.


Click Cancel Reservation once more in the new window that appears to confirm cancellation.

Note: when a reservation is cancelled any refunds from payments made by credit card are automatically issued once a refund is generated.  This cannot be cancelled or intercepted.


If you want to be able to view cancelled reservations in your inbox, select Show Archived within the Filter Messages control panel of your inbox.  An active Show Archived status is indicated by a green check mark next to the Filter drop-down button.  

De-select Show Archived to hide cancelled reservations.


Delete A Reservation

When you delete a reservation it will be permanently removed from your Inbox as well as your Reservation List.  If you think you might want to to view it at a later point you should cancel the reservation instead.

To delete a reservation, it must first be in a cancelled state. You will be able to find cancelled reservations in the reservation list view if you have selected for them in the filter. Click on the cancelled reservation to open the details view. Then select Delete Reservation from the Actions drop-down menu within the reservation details view.



Another window will pop up. Click on Delete Reservation once more to verify your cancellation.

Note: No refund will be issued and you will have to manually refund the renter if they have already made a payment.


Modify or Change Reservation Terms

Head to the reservation you want to change and select Modify Terms from the Actions dropdown.  Your reservation terms are always defined by a quote, so to change them you will need to build a new quote.

Click on the Build New Terms button: 

You'll be presented with up to three options for setting a new quote as the terms, which are outlined in our article for setting the reservation terms.

Accept or Decline a Booking Request

If a reservation has been requested but you have not yet accepted, you can approve or decline within the Payments tab. 

Request Payment 

You can send a request for payment to a sender within the Payments tab of the Reservation Detail page.  Select Send Payment Request from the drop-down menu by the specific payment you are requesting.  


Verify by clicking on Send Request in the pop-up window. A request will automatically be sent to the renter's email address of record. 

Charge A Card On File

When you want to charge a card that you already have on file, go to the Payments tab of the Reservation Detail page and select Charge Credit Card from the drop-down menu for the specific payment you are charging


A Charge Credit Card window will pop up.  Select the card on file you wish to charge.  The cards on file are listed beneath the window and accessible from the drop down menu.


Add A New Credit Card

When you want to add a card for a renter that you do not have on file, go to the Payments tab of the Reservation Detail page and select Add Credit Card.


Enter new card information and click Add Credit Card when finished

Record Payment (Offline Payments)

If a renter has made a payment offline (i.e. by phone, mailed check, etc.) you can record that the payment has been made. Go to the Payments tab of the Reservation Detail page and select Record Payment from the drop-down menu for the specific payment you are charging.  


A Record Payment window will appear.  You can select the payment method which was used and make a notation for your records.  Click on Record Payment when finished.


 The status will change to Paid. You can select the payment again and choose Remove Recorded Payment if necessary.  

Issue Refunds

Sometimes you may need to issue whole or partial refunds to your renters. Generally you will select from the refund policies located at Setup > Booking & Payments > Cancellations & Refunds within your account and apply it to the Booking Policy selected for your reservation.

You can Directly Refund Credit Card Payments collected through MyVR (via your Stripe account).

You can also Record Refunds For External Payments processed using other methods.

There are three locations in your Reservations Detail View where you are able to issue and / or record refunds:

1) New Refund allows you to choose between directly refunding a payment or recording a refund



2) Issue Refund allows you to issue a refund on a specific payment made through MyVR 



3) Refund Deposit allows you to issue or record a refund specifically linked to a deposit


Note: once a refund associated with a credit card payment is generated it cannot be cancelled or intercepted.

Directly Refund Credit Card Payment

(Note: You can follow the same process using options #2 or #3 above.)

Step 1: To directly refund a whole or partial payment to a renter click on New Refund (#1 above).  A refund window will appear. Select Issue Refund and then click on Next Step.



Step 2: In the Issue Refund window, select the payment you are applying the refund to, enter the amount you wish to refund and click Next Step.


Step 3: Check the amount of the refund you entered in the previous window, add any notes you may wish to make for your records and click Confirm to initiate the refund. The refund will instantly be recorded as a line item in Reservations and Refunds on your Reservation Detail page. The refund will typically appear on the renter's credit card statement in 8-10 business days.  

Record Refund For External Payment

(Note: You can follow the same process using option #3 in the Issue Refunds description above.)

Step 1: To record a refund that you have made to a renter for a payment which wasn't processed through MyVR (i.e. credit card over the phone, personal check, etc.) you can click on New Refund (#1 above). A refund window will appear. Select Record Refund and then click on Next Step.


Step 2: A Record Refund window will appear.  You can enter the amount and date of the refund, select options from a dropdown menu for the method you employed to issue the refund (e.g. personal check, PayPal, Bank Transfer etc.) and type any notes you may want to make for your records.  Click Record Refund when finished.






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