Introducing reservations

The Reservations section of MyVR is a central hub for managing a vacation rental business. In the Reservations tab, set important parameters for booking and payments, view and make changes to reservation details, and track reservation history.


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From inquiries to reservations

Booking a renter starts with an inquiry and a quote.  The MyVR Inbox is where all inquiries are received, tracked and managed.  As inquiries generate quotes which generate reservations, it is a bridge to the Reservation section.   



 The reservations list

The Reservations List is the gateway to managing reservations, where they can be easily viewed and accessed. 




Reservation details

The Reservation Detail View is where most of the actions and settings for reservation management take place. Managing A Reservation shows its many features and functions in detail.



 Booking policies

A Booking Policy comprises of the booking and payment settings set for quotes to send to renters as well as ways to apply instant online bookings. This feature provides flexibility for creating variable policies. Set a default booking policy and then as many additional policies.  

Booking policies can be set under Setup > Booking & Payments > Booking Policies 



 Instant bookings

The Instant Bookings feature allows renters to book from a MyVR website, empowering the renter while speeding up the booking process by reducing the amount of inquiry processing steps.  Activate instant bookings in the Instant Bookings tab when creating or editing a booking policy. 




 Rental contracts

The Rental Contracts page provides an easy way to upload and manage rental agreements.

Rental contracts can be added under Setup > Booking & Payments > Rentral Contacts  



 Reservation settings

MyVR has partnered with Stripe so accounts can accept online payments





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