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Response Templates and Automatic Responders help you reply to inquiries with speed and efficiency.



Using Response Templates

Add New Template

Preview, Edit or Delete Template

Introducing Automatic Responders

Using Automatic Responders



Using Response Templates

Response templates are pre-written emails to use for responding to common inquiries.  Fields that are specific to an inquirer are automatically populated.

When you receive an inquiry on a property in your MyVR Inbox, click on it to access the Inquiry Detail page.  Open the drop-down menu and choose from any existing templates or, if no current templates apply to the inquiry but you think that it addresses a common subject, choose Reply With New Template to create a new one.




Add New Template

While you have the option to create a new template when responding to an inquiry (see above), you probably want to create most of your templates beforehand.

Step 1: Navigate to Inbox > Templates & Responders, choose Response Templates from the side menu and click on Add New Template


Step 2: Choose the name, subject and type of your response template and type the text in the message box, leaving space for the specific smart placeholders you will insert.  


Step 3: Smart placeholders allow you to insert the specific info of an inquirer into your reply, both to personalize your response and easily iterate the critical basics (renter name, rental property, dates, et al.).

Click in your message window where you want a placeholder. Select the appropriate type from the drop down entitled Insert Smart Placeholder.  


Step 4: Save Template when you are finished



Preview, Edit or Delete Template

To preview your template as it will appear to an inquirer select Preview.  You have the option of editing in preview mode if you see a change you'd like to make.

You can Edit a template to remove or add placeholders as well as to make any other editing change.  

You can Delete a template at any time.  Be careful it, it will be deleted with one click!




Introducing Automatic Responders

Automatic responders are defined criteria that generate a template reply to an inquiry automatically without you having to take any actions.  This helps you reply as promptly as possible to certain inquires, which increases the likelihood of getting a booking.

Create automatic responders by clicking on Add Rule, which will open the settings window (see Using Automatic Responders).

Below is an example displaying common automatic responders you may find helpful: Already Booked, Stay Too Short, Stay Too Long.  



Using Automatic Responders

To review or change an existing automatic responder, first click on it's name to open the settings window.

Step 1: Enter or change the name of the responder.

Step 2: Set the condition for when the responder is sent by selecting from the drop down menus.  In the example condition, the Already Booked response will be sent for every inquiry that requests dates marked as Unavailable in the Calendar. You can add additional criteria if necessary by clicking on Add Criteria (or remove them by clicking the red X to the right).

Step 3: Choose the template you would like to use for inquiries meeting the conditions you established in Step 2.

Step 4: Select how you would like the inquiry marked in your calendar and Reservation Details once the responder is sent.

Step 5: Click Save Rule when finished creating or editing your automatic responder.







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