Tutorial: Setting Up Your Owner Portal

The Owner Portal is a feature for property managers which allows your customers (the property owners) to log in and view important information like announcements, property availability and owner statements you have uploaded.  Your owners can also submit requests for date blocks on their own properties.


Creating an Owner Portal

An Owner Portal is a type of stand-alone MyVR website, and can be created and published from the "Websites" tab in MyVR. 

While you can link to the Owner Portal from your main website, the owner portal is set up and managed as a separate website, as it has many unique attributes and requirements.

To create a new Owner Portal, click the button to add an Owner Portal from the websites section and consent to be billed for this feature.  You can select a customized subdomain for your owner portal, but for security reasons, your owner portal cannot currently be at your own custom root domain at this time.  (e.g. You can presently use "" but not "").


Editing an Owner Portal

Once created, you can modify the Owner Portal design elements within the website designer, as you would any other website.  There you can modify certain aspects, including colors (currently accent color only), fonts, background image (displayed only on the login page), company logo, social media icons and contact info.

Within the website editor, you can also modify the content of the various pages that will be shown to your owners.  A few pages are only partially editable, since the functionality on those pages is locked down (e.g. login page, property calendars, etc). You can also drag and drop various widgets from the website editor to add additional content to your pages (such as images, text blocks, videos, and more).  Additionally, you can manage which pages you wish show or hide, and those you want to include in the navigation bar of the website.  

Notes on editing your owner portal:

- the home page and announcements page both have sample copy that MyVR has populated.  You'll want to modify those sections before publishing your website.

- be sure to make sure your "Company Info" is completed from your MyVR account profile, as this will be automatically populated within the Owner Portal.  You can find the "Company Info" within the Contact Info tab within your Account Summary (accessed by the pull-down menu next to your name in the top right hand corner of the MyVR tool).


Publishing an Owner Portal

Once you have set up your new Owner Portal website, you can click the "Publish" button in the Overview tab of the website to make it live and accessible to others.  Don't worry, no one will find it until you invite them or add a link to it from your other website(s).  


Inviting Owners to Your Owner Portal

Within the website settings of your owner portal, you can view and manage all the owner account logins for your portal.  If you haven't already done so, you will first need to set up your Owners in the "Properties" tab and then identify which properties are mapped to each owner.  

Once you have published your Owner Portal, you can invite your owners to login to their account within it.  To do this, you merely click on the owner's Edit Settings button and then select the tab "Owner Portal Settings".  Click on the toggle to turn on each owner's ability to login, and then click on the button to invite them.  Owners can set up their own password and reset their password in the future.  If they struggle, there is also the option for you to send them the password reset link.


"Owner Block" Settings to Allow Owners to Request Use of Their Own Property 

The Owner Portal allows your owners to login and view the availability calendars for each of her properties (unless you deactivate this section entirely on your website).  You can also allow owners, on a property-by-property basis, to request dates on her own property right from their Owner Portal account.  Requests that owners submit can either be automatically approved, or can be sent to your inbox for manual review/approval (you will be notified by email of the request as you would a normal booking request).

To turn on "owner block" capabilities and configure whether or not such requests need your approval, click on the settings for any owner and configure these settings in the "Owner Portal Settings" tab.  


Publish Owner Statements for Your Customers

The Owner Portal allows your owners to login and view owner statements that you upload to MyVR (MyVR does yet generate owner statements for you, but we hope to soon!).  Owner statement .pdf files can be uploaded within the "Reservations" tab in MyVR (look for "Owner Statements" in the sub-navigation).  You can name the document after uploading, and assign to the property owner so that it shows up in her Owner Portal when she logs in.  You can publish or unpublish each statement, and you can also schedule an owner statement to publish at a future date.  


"Owner Login" Link to Your MyVR Multi-Property Website

The Owner Portal is a standalone website for the sole purpose of providing property managers a place for their owners to log in and view important information.  Optionally, you can add an "Owner Login" link to your multi-property website to allow your owners to find it more easily. While you can do this manually anywhere on your website, you can also click on the footer navigation settings of your website and drag in the "Owner Portal" link after publishing your owner portal.  


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