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MyVR allows users to manage multiple quotes, as well as take a number of processing and review actions with a specific quote, to make quote management easy and versatile.  


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Multiple quotes

Once a quote is built from an inquiry, additional quotes can be added until one has been converted to a reservation.

Offering multiple quotes for the same stay allows multiple quotes to be proposed to entice potential renters in a way that keep communication open and tracks differences between them. 

Efficiency can be increased to generate quotes by using the Booking Policy feature to pre-set quote details.

1. Each quote is given a unique ID to distinguish it.

2. Button will display if Pay Online, just Book Online or neither is enabled for this quote. 

3. Shows when the quote was emailed to the inquirer. "Never" will appear if the quote was not sent.

4. Identifies the property linked to a particular quote. Send quotes for different properties in association with the same inquiry.

5. Dates and price associated with quote.

6. Status of the quote.  Once one of the quotes is in a "Reserved" state, no further quotes can be issued as long as the reserved quote stays active.



There are a number of actions to take with an individual quote. 


Bulk Action

Bulk Action indicates an action that can affect all quotes. Currently, the only Bulk Action available in the drop-down menu is to "cancel all outstanding quotes" (any quote that has not been converted to a reserved status).


Quote Actions 

Cancel Quote: this cancels the quote. A canceled quote will be greyed out but will not be deleted.

Revive Quote: the revive quote function reinstates a canceled quote. 

Copy Quote: allows users to duplicate and then add an existing quote to the inquiry. That quote can then be edited as needed. Use this as a shortcut to generate a quote with only minor differences from one already created.

Compare To: compare two quotes associated with this inquiry side by side in alternating tabs to quickly review differences (and similarities) between them.

View Quote Details: a snapshot of the quote (see second screenshot below)


Renter Actions 

Send to Renter: The quote attaches to an email to the renter

Preview Online Booking: This feature allows users to see the Renter Payment Page as the renter will see it if Book Online or Pay Online is enabled for the quote

Reservation Actions  

Create Reservation From Quote: create a reservation based on the quote to view and manage in the Reservation Detail View. 



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