Tutorial: Build A Quote

A quote is a proposed set of terms you offer a prospective renter before making a reservation.

It is usually issued as a response to an inquiry that has arrived in your MyVR Inbox

A quote includes the stay details -- the dates and number of guests (and denial or acceptance of smokers and pet when applicable), the associated rates and fees, a payment schedule, refund policy, and rental contract. 

Quotes can be sent to renters directly from your MyVR Inbox and, optionally, through our online reservation process.  

There may be multiple quotes active for a single inquiry / reservation at any given time.

You may want to create booking policies as well, which will allow you to create pre-set policies for the quotes you generate.


Tutorial Contents

Create Quote

Stay Details

Rental Terms

Payment Schedule 

Booking Settings


Create A Quote

Most often you will be issuing a quote in response to an inquiry. Navigate to your MyVR inbox list view (Inbox>Messages) to view new inquires.  Click on an inquiry in the list view to see the detail view of the inquiry.  From there you can create and issue your quotes and manage your inquires.  

Click on the New Quote button in an inquiry's detail view to open the Build A New Quote window.

You can also create a new quote by clicking on the green New button in both the Inquiry and Reservation list views.


Stay Details

The first tab in the Build A New Quote window is Stay Details.

This tab displays information pulled from the inquiry: basic contact information, dates and number of guests.  The dates and guest numbers can be edited.  Once you have verified that this information is valid for your quote you can proceed to the next step by clicking Continue To Rental Terms.


Rental Terms

The Rental Terms tab is where you set conditions for your quote regarding fees and agreements.  

You can choose to enter a Per Person or Pets fee and create other fees with the Add New Fee button.

The optional fee slider is a setting for online booking.  By selecting "Yes" it will display as an optional fee on the online booking form (Renter Payment Page).  This means you will give the booker the option of choosing a fee when it applies to them.  If you do not select a fee as an optional fee when you have online booking enabled, then fees you apply to rental terms will appear on the Renter Payment Page as a default which the online booker will not be able to alter. When you select "Yes" for an online booking, you have the additional option of clicking a pre-selected box, which means that while the online booker will still have the choice of selecting the fee, the default will be to have the fee added.

Quote Expiration allows you to choose whether a quote will expire or if it will remain valid for only a limited time.  If you click on the arrow next to the default state "Never Expires", you have the option of setting the quote for an expiration of 1-5 days.  This allows you flexibility if you have issued multiple quotes to the same inquirer or if you have other interested parties looking at the same dates.

The Rental Contract menu allows you to select from rental contracts you have created and apply it as part of the rental terms for this quote. 


Payment Schedule 

The Payment Schedule tab offers you flexibility arranging the payments terms for your quote.  

Use the Due drop-down menu to select when payments are due. There are plenty of options provided: at time of booking, 1, 7, 14, 30, 60, or 90 days before the first day of occupancy or use a calendar picker to choose a specific date.

You can split the payment into as many as you'd like by using the Add another payment button.

Use the Choose Your Refund Policy dropdown menu to set your policy in your quote.  You can opt for no refunds, refer to the policy stated in the Rental Contract or select 30,60 or 90 days from the first day of occupancy. 

You can also pre-set a payment schedule as part of a booking policy within Settings in the Reservations section or your MyVR account. 


Booking Settings

The Booking Settings tab is where you set a number of important conditions and parameters for how the booking will function if the quote is accepted.

1. Use the Online Booking toggle to allow the recipient of the quote to book online upon receiving the quote (you must have first set up online booking in your MyVR account).  The summary window above will indicate the amount that will be collected (set in the Payment Schedule).  Sliding the toggle to "No" will disable online booking for this quote.

During the online booking process, no payments will be collected but the renter will need to provide a credit card for future billing, if they haven't already.

2. If you have enabled Online Booking but selected "No" for Online Payments then the online booking process will still be active but the renter will be asked to agree to the terms of this quote only. Not only will payments not be collected, but neither will payment information (i.e. credit card info).

3. Use Hold Dates if you wish to block off your calendar for the stay duration proposed in the quote.  You can select to put a hold that will drop off when the quote expires (set in the Rental Terms tab) or until a particular date from a calendar picker.  The default setting is "No Hold".

4. Choose the condition upon which you will like an accepted quote to appear as "Reserved" on your MyVR Calendar.  A "reserved" state on your calendar will prevent any other bookings for the stay duration of a reservation.  

You can set this to occur when rental terms are agreed to, or, if you have online payments enabled, when you receive the first payment or when you receive the payment in full.

5. If the Send to Renter toggle is at "Yes" then the quote will be automatically sent to the renter as soon as it is saved.

6. Be sure to click the Save Quote button when you have finished building your quote!




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