Tutorial: Reservation Details View

When you click on a reservation in the Reservation List you will open the Reservation Details view.  Here you have access to all the information associated with the reservation and extensive array of options available to you for managing the reservation.

The stay details and renter info associated with the reservation are always visible in the Reservation Detail View. Other pertinent information is sorted into tabs and there is a drop-down menu at the top of the screen that allows you to take a number of relevant Actions.


Tutorial Contents

General Reservation Details





Reservation Actions



General Reservation Details 

1. Stay Details: In this section you can review the stay details (property, dates, party) associated with the reservation.  There are three buttons in the upper right corner that allow you to review / edit the renter contact info and provide quick access to the relevant property details and property calendar. 

2. Renter Info: Here you see a snapshot of renter contact info. The three buttons in the upper right corner allow you to edit this information, review any other information you may have about the renter (renter details) and look through the conversation history in the inquiry detail view.

3. Reservation Actions: Accessing this drop-down menu allows you to perform several actions regarding the reservation you are viewing. 

4. Summary:  This is a summary of the status of this reservation (tentative or reserved), payment status (which will take you to the Payments tab of the reservation details view and whether a rental contract has been agreed to.  If the renter has agreed to a contract by phone or email (rather than electronically from their inquiry confirmation email if online booking was enabled for the quote) you can manually confirm the rental agreement.  Just click on the Rental Agreement button to open a Rental Agreement pop-up window where you can manually record the agreement (see second screenshot below).

5. Settings: This sections shows (and allows you to adjust via the toggle buttons) if online booking and online payments are enabled for the reservation.  

Additionally, if the status of the reservation is still "tentative", you will see the following:

a) when the associated quote expires,

b) if you have entered a hold date on the calendar


c) upon what condition the status will change from "tentative" to "reserved".  

If the reservation is already in "Reserved" status these last three fields (a, b and c) will display "Already Reserved".

6. Terms: These are the rental terms that you have set for this reservation.  If you have not yet created rental terms (e.g. if you are creating this reservation manually) you will be prompted here to complete them in the quote builder.





The Reservation Details Payments tab offers robust payment management options and a comprehensive overview of payment status and history.

1. Here you can see the status of any payments (unpaid, coming due, scheduled or paid) and other details regarding a particular payment.  

2. There are a number of payment Actions you can select from the drop-down menu:  

Immediate Payment actions - charge a credit card on file or record a payment that has been made offline

Scheduled Payment actions (see second screenshot below)- schedule or disable a payment 

Request Payment: send an email requesting payment

3. Any credit cards associated with the reservation (either because the renter entered it booking online or you did manually) will display here.  You can also add a card here manually (i.e. renter wanted to call it in to you).

4. A convenient summary view of payments made and outstanding and what refunds, if any, have been issued.

5. When you choose to modify the payment schedule, you will be instructed to change the terms of the reservation.

6. Control for whether the payments will charge the renter card automatically at the time of payment vs. prompt the renter to make payment. Learn more about automatic payment collection.





Here you can easily see which quote is active for the reservation and review all the other quotes that have been issued to the renter.  Click on any of them to see specific details for that particular quote.

You also have the option of performing several actions with a quote, as in the inquiry detail quotes tab, by using the Actions drop-down menu




This tab is self-explanatory!  Make any notes you wish about the reservation, renter, etc. for easy reference. :)




The timeline show's you a sequential view of all events (communications and the principle actions taken) for the inquiry associated with the reservation.  

Each item on the timeline has a button that will let you see relevant details for the specific event.



The Actions drop-down menu at the top right of the Reservation Details view stays visible whatever tab you are working in.  There are three categories of action you can take when you click on it Communicate with Renter, View Actions and Reservation Actions.


Communicate with Renter:

You can simply email the renter, send an email with rental terms attached, or build and send a new quote.


View Actions:

Here you can select to view the conversation history associated with the original inquiry or see a preview of what online booking will look like for a renter based on the active quote.


Reservations Actions:

Edit Reservation: When reservation terms are already set you can only make contact info changes here. 

Set-up / Modify Terms: If rental terms have not yet been set, you will be able to do it here. If they have then you can modify the rental terms (see Modify Payment Schedule).

Add Quote: You can build a new quote from here.

Cancel a Reservation: This will remove the reservation from the Reservation Detail view but it will remain in your inbox, clearly marked Cancelled Reservation. 

Delete a Reservation: This will completely remove the reservation from both your reservation and inquiry lists. 








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