Tutorial: Create A Regional Guide

Creating regional guides for your website allows you to identify points of interest and otherwise noteworthy locations in the area around your rental property.  The area covered by the guide can be scaled to be as expansive or as localized as you wish.



Region Name and Area

Region Description

Regional Guides, Location and Local Areas


To create a regional guide navigate to Properties>Regions & Guides and click on the Add A Region button.


Region Name and Area

The Add A Region button opens the Create Region window. You first need to identify and name of the region. In the Region Name and Area tab, enter your region in the "Search For Your Region Area" field.  Drag and zoom your map as you like to further specify your region.

The Name Your Region field allows you to designate the name irrespective of the search designation.

If you have finished and would like to add your own written description of the area before the region is created, click on the Region Description tab before you click on the Next - Add Places to Region button on the bottom of the page.


Region Description

In the Region Description tab you can give the region a name and write or paste a description in the text box.  

Additionally, you can apply the region description to any properties you wish by going to the property's detail view, clicking the Location and Local Area tab, and setting "Sync With Region Description" to "Yes".

When you have complete the region description click "Add Places to Region" if you have not already done so.


Add Places to Region



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