Can I add custom HTML/CSS/JavaScript to my website?

You have a number of way to embedded custom JavaScript code in a MyVR website, depending on what your looking to do. Let me provide a quick summary of the options available to you:


Embed a Site-Wide JavaScript Snippet
Common use cases would be analytics tracking code, a Facebook advertising pixel, or a retargeting code that should be served on every page of your website. You can easily add custom JavaScript code to every page of your website directly from the "Additional Options" of your website admin, instructions available here:


Embed a Page Specific JavaScript Snippet
Similar to the above, all multiple property websites have the ability to embed custom JavaScript on a page by page basis. You can specify a code snippet to include in the <head> or before the closing <body> tag. See instructions here:


Embed a JavaScript Snippet Directly on the Page

Lastly, you can use our website builder to embed a custom snippet of code directly within a page. This allows you to place the JavaScript code anywhere you like, which is helpful if you want to render content in a specific location. To embed JavaScript inline on a page, pull up the website in your MyVR account and launch the advanced website editor for the page in question. Find the location on the page where you'd like to include the custom JavaScript. Drag and drop in the HTML page component to this location. You can then copy and paste your custom JavaScript code into the widget.

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