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The “Availability” section of MyVR allows you to view and update your property calendars. You can view your events in a single property calendar view, or in a multi property calendar view.



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Single Property

To view your single property calendars, go to Availability > Single Property

The single property calendar view is a powerful, detailed report of all of the events related to a property. You can view, edit, delete, and create calendar events, reservations, and inquiries in this view.

To create a new calendar event, inquiry, or reservation click the “Actions” button.

You can also click and drag your mouse over several days in the calendar to create an event.

To edit or remove calendar events, click on an event in the calendar.

You can change the property calendar you are looking at using the property selector on the left. You can also filter by event types by using the buttons on the left.

All Properties

To get to your multi property calendar, go to Availability > All Properties


The All Properties view is a great tool for finding available properties for potential renters and keeping a pulse on your reservation density.

You can switch between Overview, Compact, and Detail views using the View buttons at the top left.


Click on the calendar to make a new event, inquiry, or reservation.

You can also view an existing event, inquiry, or reservation by clicking on it.

Finally, you can filter the properties being shown in the multi property calendar. This is useful for when you are attempting to place a renter in one of your properties, but the renter has specific requirements for their stay.

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