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The websites section of MyVR allows you to setup, customize, and maintain your website and blog. You can also preview your online booking page. For website editing, we offer a simple "click and type" editor or a more advanced drag and drop editor for total customization.



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Booking Page

Your booking page is located under the websites tab of MyVR. 

If you have not setup a website for your property and you send a quote to a renter with online payments enabled, they will be directed to your booking page. You can preview your booking page by clicking on the "view details" link.

You can also choose which property you would like to preview your booking page with.

My Websites

You can quickly and easily make a new website or edit an existing website under the website section.

Create a Website

1. Hit that "new website" button on the top right


2. Choose the type of website you'd like to build

A single property site will showcase a single property. By default, they will include pages containing photos, rates, an availability calendar, local info, and more. Single property sites including an online booking page too.

Multi-property sites offer searching, map filtering, and online booking for groups of properties. Each property's page will include all of the information that would be displayed in a single property website.

Owner portals allow your property owners to manage their property availability and view their owner statements. 

Each type of website is fully customizable and editable.

Edit Website Design

Editing your website's design includes changing the logo, the color scheme, and the links to social network profiles. To get started head to the "Design & Branding" tab of your website. Then click the "edit design" button.

Once you're in the design editor you can do the following

1. Preview your design as a computer, table or mobile phone.

2. Edit your navigation bar.

3. Upload a new logo, or create a text based logo.

4. Change your background image, or slideshow (depending on template).

5. Upload or delete your favicon

6. Change your telephone number (shown in your main website banner)

7. Manage your social links

8. Manage your links to listing on third party sites

9. Change or manage your colors for your template 

10. Change or manage the fonts used for your templates

Edit Website Pages

Editing content on your site is quick and easy. First head over to the pages section of your website.

Next choose the page you want to edit. Click on the "edit" link from the actions menu.

You will then be taken to the simple page editor which lets you click and edit text as you like.

1. Page option menu

2. Click on an element to edit it. 

3. Preview the page as a computer, tablet or mobile device.

4. Save your page.

For some pages you will see only non-editable components. These pages are built automatically using "widgets" that contain your property data. You can change the content of these pages by editing your property information directly under Setup > Properties . Alternatively, you can use the advanced editor to add and remove content on these pages.

Advanced Editor

If you want to add new content or components to a page, you should use the advanced editor. To edit a page using the advanced editor, go to Websites > My Websites > Pages & Content and then select Actions > Advanced Options > Advanced Editor for the page you'd like to edit.

You will then be taken to the advanced page editor. Here you can edit, add, or remove components on your website page.


You can create or manage your blog within your website by clicking on the "blog" section in your website navigation.





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