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In the Message Templates section of MyVR, you can create a custom, branded design for all of your outgoing messages.  Additionally, you can set up message templates that are automatically populated with data, for speedy responses to renters (whether manually or using auto-responders) and use in automated stay emails.



Table of Contents

  • Email Design: Tools To Make Your Outgoing Emails Look Great
  • My Templates: Dynamic Email Templates to Automate Renter Communication

Email Design

To view your email design, go to Setup > Message Templates > Email Design


Here you will see a preview of your email design.  If you haven't set one up already, you'll see something like this

You can always go back to this default setting by clicking the Actions button in the upper right and selecting Reset to Default -- so don't be afraid to experiment.

To use a customized logo, click the Actions button, select Set Logo, and upload a file.  Then click the Save button in the lower right and you'll see your new logo on the preview.

Experiment with different header background colors or background colors for the entire email by selecting the Set Header Background Color and Set Main Background Color options in the Actions menu.  You'll see your changes as you go, so be creative!

Finally, you can edit the header or footer text with the Edit Text options in the Actions menu

That's all you have to do! Now all of your outgoing messages will appear in your new custom design.  If for some reason you want to put the design on hold, you can select Unpublish Design from the Actions menu and we will use the default design instead.

My Templates 

Email templates are a powerful tool to speed up and enrich your communication with your renters.  

There are three main ways you can use these templates: (1) as "Reply Templates" you can drop into messages to your renter; (2) in autoresponders you set up to send when certain events occur (like a new inquiry); and (3) in stay emails, which are automated messages sent at various points during a reservation cycle (prior to check-in, mid-stay, post-stay request for a review, etc.).  

Setting up the templates is fairly straightforward.  First go to Setup > Message Templates > Email Design

Here you will see a list of all templates you've set up.  Make a new one by clicking the New Template button in the upper right.  This will bring up the template editor

Here you can customize an email that you'll send out many times and only have to write it once.  Use the Smart Tags on the by dragging and dropping them into the template to add information specific to the inquiry.  For example, a new inquiry autoresponder template might look like this

Once you click Save Changes, you have a new template!

To see how it will look in actual messages to your renter, click the Actions button to the right of the message and select Preview:

You'll note that the email design we set up above is included in this message.  Notice how the data about the property is automatically included where we dropped the smart tags.  

A few other notable features in this section

  • "Additional Information" Smart Tags: Custom-made smart tags you set up with property-specific information (like driving directions!) that are available in the Email Template Editor under the heading Custom Fields.

  • Template Ordering and the Reply Template Switch: You can drag and drop your templates to be in the order you'd like them to appear in the Template Reply menu you'll see whenever you are composing a message to a renter.  

        If you don't want a template to show up in that menu (e.g., because it is used for a stay email), then           flip the Reply Template switch next to the message to "No".

  • Finally, you can Edit or Delete existing template using the options in the Actions menu.  Note that if you try to delete a template that is currently "in use" by either an Inquiry Responder or a Stay Email, we send you to the responder or stay email menu to disable those messages before we allow you to delete it.


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