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Channels is where you will find the apps that integrate MyVR with vacation rental marketplace (channel) sites such as Airbnb and HomeAway. In this section of your account is where you connect channel apps, purchase listings, transfer existing listings, manage synchronization, and more. Once connected the apps do the work of synchronizing your property details, calendars, inquiries, and/or reservations. There are two main types of channel applications available: full integration and calendar only.



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Full Integration

A full integration channel app produces the best results for synchronization and is recommended over calendar only channel apps. With a full integration app your property details, rates, fees, availability, and inquiries are synchronized. For some apps, such as HomeAway, even bookings are synchronized. For example, that means that bookings made on HomeAway instantly appear in your MyVR account.

To manage your full integration channel apps go to: Channels > Full Integration

Add a Channel

To add a channel, first go to: Channel > Full Integration. Here you will see a list of installed apps and a list of apps that are available for install. Under the "Available Channel Applications" section click on the application for the channel you want to connect. This will take you to the application where you can learn more about the unique benefits of each channel app and install.

Manage a Channel

To manage a channel, go to: Channels > Full Integration. Here you will see a list of installed channel apps. Hover over the channel app you want to manage and click on the "Open" button. This will take you to the application where you can integrate properties, view synchronization status, configure listing settings, and more.

Calendar Only

A calendar only channel app allows for calendar only synchronization between your MyVR calendars and channel calendars. This means that they do not synchronize property details, rates, or inquiries. A calendar app only supports importing calendar events to MyVR and/or exporting calendar events from MyVR. For example, you can import calendar events from Airbnb to MyVR and export calendar events from MyVR to Airbnb.

Full integration for a channel is recommended over calendar only integration because it provides better synchronization. Whenever possible, use full integration apps to achieve the best results.

To manage a calendar only channel apps go to: Channels > Calendar Only

Basic Calendar Synchronization

To install the basic calendar synchronization app, go to: Channels > Calendar Only. Click on the "Basic Calendar Synchronization" app. This will take you to the application where you can read more about how the app works and install.

After installing the app, you can connect to a variety of calendars including channels such as Airbnb and FlipKey or traditional web application calendars such as Google Calendar and iCloud Calendar.

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