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The "Reservations" section of MyVR is the central hub to track and manage reservations across all your rental properties.  You can create new reservations, view and make changes to existing reservations, and track your reservation history.



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From Inquiries To Reservations

In a typical rental scenario, a potential guest starts by inquiring about a property for a particular set of dates. This inquiry is usually met with a quote that breaks down pricing for the provided property and rental period. If the potential guest finds the quote satisfactory, the terms of the rental are agreed to, any required payments are provided, and a reservation is created.

Following this scenario along in your MyVR account, inquiries arrive in your inbox where you can respond and converse with a potential guest.  You can send a quote breaking down the rental rate and associated fees, or send multiple quotes for different rental scenarios.  Any quote you send with MyVR can be setup for online booking, allowing the guest to agree to the terms of the rental and provide any required payment online.  If a guest completes the booking process for a quote, a reservation is created within your MyVR account.

In this workflow, inquiries arrive in your inbox and progress to become reservations, which can be found in the "Reservations" section.

Manually Creating a Reservation

You have the ability to manually create a reservation at any time, with or without an initial renter inquiry.  To manually create a new reservation, navigate to the "Reservations" > "My Reservations" section.

 From the “My Reservations” list, click on the "New" button at the top of page and select “New Reservation”.

A modal will appear for creating the new reservation, where you can provide details of the reservation, including the renter’s contact information and stay information.  Fill in the reservation modal to the best of your ability and click “Create Reservation”.  

Reservations that are created with a “Reserved” status will block off dates on your centralized MyVR calendar for the associated property.  Reservations created with a “Tentative” status will still appear on your calendar but not block off dates and prevent other bookings.

 Reservations List

The Reservations List is where you can find all reservations in your MyVR account.  The reservation list can be easily filtered and sorted to help you find any reservation you’re looking for.  You can use the reservation list to find upcoming reservations, past reservations, reservations with outstanding payments due, search by name, and more more.  To get to your reservations list, navigate to “Reservations” > “My Reservations”.

Once on the reservation list, you should use the filters to find reservations of interest.  Click on the large green button “Search & Filters” in the upper right to get started.  This will open a search and filter side panel where you can set the filters to your desired settings.

Reservation Details

The Reservation Detail View is where most of the actions and settings for reservation management take place. There are a wide variety of management actions available from the detail view, in addition to an outline of the reservation details.  You can click on any reservation in the reservation list to reach the reservation detail view.

After clicking on a reservation in the list, you will be taken to the reservation detail view, shown below.


Pending Imports

The last section you'll see under "Reservations" is the "Pending Imports".  Pending Imports are reservations that have been imported from a 3rd party iCal data provider - such as HomeAway, Airbnb, or FlipKey - which we don't yet have enough information to create a complete reservation from.  As we're awaiting more information the reservations are left in a pending state.

As a typical MyVR user you will not encounter pending reservations.  If you use MyVR's fully integrated Channel Management, you will never see a pending reservation, as we're always able to keep your account fully in sync with all of your external marketing partners.  Pending reservations only arise if you elect to use a basic calendar sync instead of fully integrated channel management, and you wish to create complete reservations from the iCal data feed.

To view your pending reservations, navigate to "Reservations" > "Pending Imports".


Here you will see a list of all pending reservations that are awaiting more information.  You can confirm any pending reservation by clicking on "Confirm" and filling in any missing information.


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