Recording an offline reservation and/or payment

MyVR offers powerful software to facilitate a booking with a renter, get the renter to consent to your rental contract, and take payments - all online and automated.  Sometimes, however, we will need to take a reservation offline and then record it in MyVR.  The below article includes the following 3 sections:


  • Step 1: Creating a New Reservation
  • Step 2: Adding Terms to a Reservation
  • Step 3: Recording an Offline Payment as Received


Step 1: Creating a New Reservation

Reservations can be created manually in MyVR for inquiries taken over the phone or otherwise not booked electronically through your MyVR website or marketing channels.

You can manually create a reservation from either the Messages section or the Reservations section by clicking on the "+New" button and selecting New Reservation.   A modal will open (see screenshot below) and will ask for the bare minimum reservation details (property, renter details, and dates).  No financial terms are added to the reservation but they can be added once the reservation is created.  Once you have completed the information request, select "create reservation".


Step 2: Adding Terms to a Reservation

You now have a new reservation, which will show up in your reservations list.  To add financial details, click on the reservation and select the option to set "Reservation Terms" (see screenshot below).  There are other settings within the reservation (see the left hand side of the screenshot below) that you'll want to consider when manually adding a reservation, but those settings are covered by other support articles.

Once you click to setup Reservations Terms, the 4-step modal typically used to create a quote appears.  MyVR uses the concept of a quote attached to a reservation to capture the terms attached to the reservation. See screenshot:

In the above modal, you will complete:

  • 1. Stay Details: review the basic information for the reservation (which you entered when you created the reservation)
  • 2. Rental Terms: add the financial terms of the reservation (rental rates, add-ons and fees, deposit info, etc)
  • 3. Payment Schedule: outline the payment schedule and due dates
  • 4. Booking Settings: turn on/off online payments, turn on/off hold on dates, etc

Note on setting up a Payment Schedule - if you have already received a payment(s) on the reservation, you'll want to make sure to set up a payment(s) for that specific amount so that you can record the exact payment that was already received (we'll get to 'how' in a moment!).  For example, let's say that I've already received the first $1000 payment, and I want to split the remaining payments into two future amounts due:

Note that you will be given options in Booking Settings to send the Reservation to the Renter, if you choose, and whether or not you'd like the Renter to agree to the terms online once you've sent it to them.  This is often something property managers choose to do in order to confirm a verbal Reservation electronically. 


Step 3: Recording an Offline Payment as Received

Once the you have a Reservation with terms set up in MyVR (whether it was done automatically online, or manually via the instructions above), you can record a payment as received.  To do that, you'll click on the Payments tab for that Reservation:

Once on the Payments tab, find the payment you want to record as paid and click on the menu to the right and select "Record Payment":

Once you select the option to record a payment, you're given the option to add further details (e.g. like a Check #):

Your payment is now recorded as received:









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