Recording an offline payment

MyVR offers powerful software to facilitate a booking with a renter, get the renter to consent to your rental contract, and take payments - all online and automated.  Sometimes, however, an offline payment may need to be recorded in MyVR.  


Recording an offline payment as received

Once Reservation terms have been set up in MyVR, you can record a payment as received.  

Step 1: Click on the Payments tab for that Reservation:

Step 2: Once on the Payments tab, find the payment you want to record as paid and click on the menu to the right and select "Record Payment"

Step 3: Once the "Record Payment" option is selected, further details can be added (e.g. like a Check #)

Step 4: Click "Record Payment." Your payment is now recorded as received


 Remove a recorded payment

A recorded payment cannot be edited, but it can be removed.

To remove a recorded payment, from the actions dropdown on the payment, click "Remove Recorded payment."








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