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The Messages section allows you to manage all your communications from your website and integrated MyVR channels in a centralized place, saving you a lot of time and aggravation. This centralized inbox allows you to track customer communications, leverage unlimited response templates, send quotes, and more!



Table of Contents

  • Inquiries: Messages received that are believed to be inquiries or booking requests
  • Other: Messages received that are not recognizable and not believed to be inquiries or booking requests
  • Outbox: Summarized list of all automated outbound emails that are currently scheduled to send


To view your inquiries , go to Messages > Inquiries

MyVR’s centralized inbox gives you one dashboard with which to receive and respond to all your inquiries. Inquiries and booking requests from all supported channels can be processed from one location.

 You can filter and sort the inbox to customize your view of the inbox based on your needs.

You can view the details and the entire communication history of an inquiry by clicking on it in the list view.

You can send and manage multiple quotes (with varying dates, properties, add-ons, etc) and keep track of which is accepted by the renter.

You can send a quote to any inquiry with the option to book online - all right from your inbox.


Sometimes you get messages that aren’t inquiries. These could be marketing emails from the listing sites where you market, Linked In requests from renters, or good old fashioned spam!  MyVR automatically segments anything that doesn’t look like an inquiry - or anything our system can’t automatically process - and places them in a separate folder.  From there, you can archive them, delete them, flag them as spam, or even create an inquiry from them.


You can automate various message types (check-in emails, booking confirmations, review requests, etc) using MyVR’s Automation tools.  The Outbox allows you to view your queue of scheduled messages in one place, and, if necessary, pause or edit any future messages.

Note: you can also view the individually queued messages associated with a specific reservation by viewing that reservation.  Go to the reservation and click the ‘Timeline’ tab, select “Future” to view all messages currently scheduled to send associated with that reservation

To set up and configure automated messages, visit MyVR’s Automation tools under Setup > Automation.

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