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The Automation section allows you to put several management tasks of your vacation rental business on autopilot, greatly reducing the amount of manual work you need to do.  You can automate responses to inbound inquiries, check-in and check-out emails, transactional emails, and more!



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Inquiry Responders

With inquiry responders, you can automatically send an initial response to an inquiry the moment it arrives. This improved responsiveness not only makes you look more professional, but delivering an inquiry response while the renter is still browsing a listing site really helps your property stand out from the rest and can your lure renters from the listing site to your own website.

Inquiry responders utilize the custom message templates you set-up in the Message Templates section of MyVR. You can auto-send the same message template for all inquiries, or you can set up several to be triggered by certain rules. For example, you can send a specific customized message when an inquiry does not meet your minimum stay requirement

When setting up several potential inquiry responders, you can drag and drop the rules in the order you’d like MyVR to check them for an inquiry

When an inquiry is received from any source, MyVR will go down the list and stop when the criteria for a rule has been met

When the an inquiry responder rule has been met, MyVR will send the customized message you have configured to send when that rule is triggered

Stay Emails

With stay emails, you can automatically send information to a renter before, during, or after their stay. E.g. you may choose to send check-in or check-out instructions, a quick note to see how their stay is going, or a request for a review after check-out.

With Stay Emails, every individual message you configure will be sent using the schedule you design.

Stay emails also send customizable Message Templates, and allow for a wide range of configuration options.  You can send different emails to different properties or property groups, and you can send to parties other than the renter. For example, you can reminder cleaners or maintenance staff of an upcoming check-out.


Transactional Emails

MyVR automatically handles various booking related notifications on your behalf, such as reservation confirmations, payment reminders, and deposit refund confirmations.

Due to the nature of transactional emails, much of the information within these emails is not editable (e.g. a summary of the reservation details), but transactional email typically include a customizable message within the notification so that you can add your own personal touch!

Scheduled Message Queue

You can always view the automated messages MyVR has sent for an inquiry or a reservation by viewing the inquiry and reservation. Often times there are messages that are scheduled to send in the future for a reservation. You can view these in two different ways.

You can view all your scheduled messages in the ‘Outbox’ under the Messages section in MyVR.

The Outbox allows you to view your queue of scheduled messages, and, if necessary, pause or edit any future messages

You can view the individual messages associated with a reservation within the reservation detail view under Reservations.

After clicking on the ‘Timeline’ tab, select “Future” to view all messages currently scheduled to send associated with that reservation.

Custom Fields

While we’re not covering it here, it’s important to highlight a key feature that can help with automated emails. MyVR offers custom fields at the property level that can insert dynamic information into automated emails. This would allow you, for example, to set up one check-out email even if you have ten properties with unique check-out instructions. You merely set-up the dynamic information as a custom field and then dynamically populate the information based on the property in your emails.

To do this, you’d go to the Properties section of MyVR and set up custom fields in the “Additional Information.” Then, when you set up a Message Template, you can simply drop the field name of your new custom field into the Message Template and your property-specific data or files will be interested into your automated email! Custom fields can be text, images, or documents — like PDF’s. This might prove particularly useful for things like driving directions, entry instructions, checkout procedures, and more.

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