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The Back Office section of MyVR is where you can manage your owners' information and your owner communication through a custom web portal.  Soon, you'll also be able to access your accounting and manage your cleaners and maintenance in this section (we're working on it!).



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Owner Management

To get to the Owner Management section, go to Back Office > Owner Management:


You can add, delete, edit and view your property owners in the Owners subsection.  

Here you will see a searchable list of all your properties' owners.

To add an owner, click the Add New Owner button in the upper right.  This opens up a window where you can:

(1) Enter details about your owner


(2) Add the properties owned by that owner

(3) And manage the owner's web portal settings (more on this in the Web Portal section)

You can also edit or delete existing owners using the Actions button to the right of each owner:


To upload documents to share with your property owners through an owner web portal, go to Back Office > Owner Management > Statements:

Here you will see a list of all owner statements you have uploaded. 

Once you have set up a web portal, here you can upload documents to share with specific owners through the web portal.  For example, you can upload monthly reports about the owners' properties that the owner can access at their convenience.  

Upload documents (only .pdf file formats are currently accepted) by clicking the Upload New Statements button and selecting a file.

Click the Actions button next to any statement to preview it, delete it, or adjust its settings:

The Edit menu allows you to name the statement (e.g. "December 2017 Financial Information For Your Property"), determine which owner will be able to see it (other owners will not see the statement in their web portal), and even set a future date when the statement will be published on your owner portal.

Web Portal

MyVR allows you to create a custom web portal that allows your owners to see general announcements and updates, view custom statements you uploaded for them, and even book their own property.  The whole process is so easy that you can have a web portal up and running in minutes!

To get started go to Back Office > Owner Management > Web Portal:

Click the New Owner Portal button in the upper right.  If it's included in your plan, you will be asked to name your site and then taken to our website editor to start tweaking the design and content of your web portal.

Name your web portal

Preview and select your template

Click Choose Template and build your new site!

You can edit the design of your web portal pages in our website editor.  Out of the box you get an announcements page (for general information applicable to all owners), a company info page, a property availability page showing availability information to your owners and allowing them to reserve their property, an owner statements page, and an owner info page.

After you've customized your page design, to get your owner portal up and running, first publish your portal

And then return to the Owners Section and choose an owner you'd like to invite to your portal from the list and click Settings in the Actions menu next to their name.

Return to the Owner Portal Settings tab and click Invite to Owner Portal to send an automatic email with a link allowing that owner to set up their sign-in information.  Once they've done so, the owner can log in to your portal and view all appropriate information about their property.  Each owner only sees their property information -- so it's like many portals in one!


To set whether owners can automatically block availability for their property by reserving it through the web portal, go to Back Office > Owner Management > Settings and choose an option.  The default is to allow owners to block.  You can choose to treat owner-initiated bookings as a reservation request (requiring your consent) here.  This is the default setting for all owners.  

If you want to alter the blocking setting for a particular owner, you can do so by going to the list of owners, choosing Settings for a particular owner, going to the "Web Portal Settings" tab and then choosing an option under the Owner Usage Requests section:

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