MyVR Community Code of Conduct

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Best Practices

When contributing to the community, we recommend you follow these guidelines. They will keep the conversations productive and fun, helping everyone get the most out of the community.

Be Yourself

Share as much about yourself as you feel comfortable with. Tell people about who you are and your business. Fill in your profile and include a picture. When your posts feel personal and human, other users will respond in kind. Communities are built upon the unique skills are personalities of their members!

Be Respectful

All of the posts on this forum come from humans, even though you can’t see them. Please treat everyone with the respect you would show them in a meeting or at a conference. This means both being polite and showing appreciation. Up vote and thank people who are helpful. Keep criticism constructive and not personal.

Be Focussed

This community is dedicated to discussing MyVR and the vacation rental industry as a whole. This focus helps keep the community useful to all of its members. Please stay on topic while posting and refrain from spamming the community. Also, please try to limit each topic post to one question, idea, suggestion, or subject. This makes things much easier to find for other users.

Be Thorough

Get and provide the best advice by providing all relevant information when posting. Detailed questions are much easier to answer than vague queries. Comprehensive help is much more useful than partial solutions. Posting to the proper categories and adding relevant tags makes posts easier to find for others. Questions that are easier to find get answered faster. Discussions that are properly categorized and labelled enjoy a larger audience of interested people.

In addition to posting thoroughly, be sure to do a thorough search of the community prior to posting a question or discussion topic. There is a good chance that what you are looking for already exists.

Be Active

Everyone benefits from a thriving community. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, offer guidance, and share your opinions! Every post makes the community more useful to all of its members, and every time you participate you increase your reputation.

Be Careful

While posting to the community requires a MyVR account, everything in the forum is available to the public. Please be mindful about posting personal details, confidential information, and business data.


In order to foster a thriving and helpful community, we have created a few guidelines. Please adhere to these rules to keep the conversation on point and useful in the MyVR Community.  To help all members feel safe and supported, posts that break the following rules will be removed. Accounts that are repeat offenders will be deactivated. While we hate to remove content and prevent participation, we believe enforcing these rules is essential to having a healthy community.

Do Not Spam

Please do not post spam in the MyVR community. Spamming the community includes the following behavior

  • Posting advertisements, including promoting competitive services
  • Posting solicitations
  • Rapid posting
  • Repeated posting of similar content

Do Not Post Offensive Content

Do not publish anything to the community that contains the following

  • Threats of violence or other forms of harassment
  • Racist, derogatory, or discriminatory comments
  • Profane, vulgar, or sexually explicit language
  • Sexual or violent imagery

Do Not Share Others’ Personal Information Without Consent

Do not share the personal information of others without their consent. Personal information can include a person’s name, address, and contact information.

Do Not Violate the Law or Copyright

You may not post content that violates any local, state, or federal laws. You also may not post content that violates the copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other intellectual property right of another person without explicit consent.

Do Not Post Bug Reports, Feature Requests, or Product Complaints

Do not post bug reports, feature requests, and product complaints in the MyVR Community. Please send all of these concerns to MyVR’s support team at If you post a bug report, feature request, or product complaint in the forum, we will remove the post and forward your concern to our support team when a response appears appropriate. If only part of your post violates this rule, the offending content will be removed

Reporting Violations

If you have the Explorer rank or any rank above Explorer, you can flag content as violating these rules. To flag a post, click the three vertical dots ( ⋮ ) next to the voting buttons. Then, select “Flag this post for moderation” from the expanded menu.

Moderation Guidelines

MyVR will regularly look through the community and remove any content that violates the rules stated above. MyVR will also review all posts that have been flagged.

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