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The “Properties” section of MyVR is where you will start to create a new property.  For each property you can add, view, and update all critical information, including descriptions, photos, rates, fees, etc.  This information serves as a the source for how your properties are displayed on your website and your connected channels, as well as how your quotes and reservations are structured.  You also have the ability to organize your properties into groups and create regional guides to highlight recommendations and points of interest in the area.



Table of Contents

My Properties

This is the primary management area of the Properties section, where you can manage things like rates, fees, photos, and descriptions.

To view or add properties, go to Setup > Properties > My Properties


Here you'll find a list of all properties you have entered into your MyVR account, as well as the ability to add new ones.  To edit one of your properties, click the actions dropdown.

You now have the ability to edit any of the information about this property.  When you make changes to this information, it will be reflected on your website, any connected channels, and any bookings you set up within MyVR.  The information is split up into the following sections:

For more information on each of these sections, have a look at the Add a Property tutorial.

Property Groups

A property group is a tool for organizing your properties.  You can create as many groups as you'd like, and a property can be a member of more than one group.  You might want a group for a region or neighborhood, or you could group properties based on a property feature like "beachfront" or "4 bedrooms."

These groups can then be used in a number of ways, including:

  • Creating a properties page on your website that lists properties from only one group.
  • Allowing visitors to your website to filter properties using the property groups.
  • Sending different automated messages to guests based on property groups.

To view or add property groups, go to Setup > Properties > Groups

Once a group is created, you determine which properties are included and excluded.

Regions & Guides

Any number of guides can be created for the regions that are relevant to your properties.  The guide is a map-based way for you to show guests points of interest in that region - restaurants, tourist attractions, event centers, etc.

To view or add a regional guide, go to Setup > Properties > Regions & Guides

Once you've added a region, you can then include points of interest by either search for them (using Google Places) or you can add a custom point of interest by dropping a pin on the map.

After setting up your guide, you can then associate it with the properties for which you want it to be available.

To associate a guide with a property, go to Setup > Properties > My Properties > [property name] > Location and Area



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