Changing the background image on an Owner Portal

The Owner Portal is a web portal that property managers can launch via MyVR to help manage the relationship they have with their owners, provide calendar access, post owner financial statements, share business updates, and more.

The Owner Portal contains a background photo on the landing page (also the login/logout page), which allows you some level of customization as to the look and feel of the site.  Following are instructions on how to set or modify the background photo.

Step 1: Go to Back Office / Owner Management / Web Portal and click on the "edit design" option on the action button to the right, as shown here: 

Step 2: Then click "Edit Design" in the top right, as shown here: 

Step 3: Click on the Settings next to Banner Image, as shown here: 

Step 4: Upload an image or select from our gallery of images, as shown here: 

You now have a new background image!

If you want to see what it looks like, you can follow these two additional steps:

(optional) Step 5: Preview your site, as shown here: 
Note: if your owner portal is not yet published, you must be logged into MyVR to preview it.

(optional) Step 6: Your preview shows you logged in as one of your owners.  Logout as that owner (do NOT logout of MyVR) by clicking 'logout' on your Owner Portal review so that you can view the page where the background photo exists (it's only on the login/logout page), as shown here: 

Voila, you can see your background photo has changed after you're logged out, as shown here: 

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