How to Filter Website Properties List by Property Group

On a multi property website, your users can filter a list of your properties by qualities including location, availability dates, price, and minimum lodging. In addition to these provided filters, you can create your own. Once you set up property groups following this guide, you can use property groups as search criteria. This guide will demonstrate how this is done.

1. Go to Websites > My Websites

2. Select a website

3. Go to Pages & Content

4. Click on Actions > Edit for the Properties page

5. Hover over the "Refine Your Search" widget and click on the green gear icon

6. Set the "Show Groups" toggle to "Yes"

7. Select the number of columns to display the group options in (default is 1). Enter a title for the group filter. Select which groups to include in the filter. Click "Save Settings"

8.Click "Save & Close" in the website editor

You will now see a section in the "Refine Your Search" widget on your website with the groups and title you entered. When no groups are selected, all groups are included. When one or more groups are selected, only properties in those groups will be included in the search results.

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