Adding a Region Description and Recommendations to Your Website

When viewing vacation rental properties, renters often want to see that their vacation home is near attractions and restaurants. MyVR allows you to quickly add custom regional recommendations and descriptions to your websites to advertise your property's great location!

To get started, go to Setup > Properties > Regions & Guides

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Then, click the "Add a Region" button

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Next, search for your region and select if from the suggestions. Name your region after you pick it from the search results.

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Enter a description and click "Create Region"

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You are now ready to add some recommendations. Start typing the names of your favorite spots in the "Add Recommendation" field. Click on one of the suggested results to add it.

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Once you add a recommendation, you can add a photo or edit it's details. We will suggest both photos and information about the location you entered to save you time!

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Once you're done adding recommendations, go to Properties > My Properties > (Your Property) > Location & Area

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In the "Local Area Description" section, set the "Use Regional Guide" toggle to "Yes". Then, select the guide you just created. Finally, toggle "Use Region Description" to "Yes" and click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

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Now, when you go to the "Local Info" portion of your website, you'll be met with your region description and recommendations.

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