Why Can't I Send an Email to "Get Assistance Using MyVR"?

Our goal is to get customers the help they need, as quickly as possible, in a way that is economically viable for MyVR. There is a robust selection of help options when you click “Support” at the top of the product.

The options include

  • Ask the Community - post a question about how to use MyVR in our Community Forum and get answers from other MyVR users and MyVR team members. For those users who know the product well, we encourage you to show off your knowledge, answer other users’ questions, and earn rewards from MyVR (e.g. Sneak Peeks & more)
  • MyVR Getting Started Guide - check out our manual, which helps outline what you need to do to get up and running on MyVR. Check back often for updates!
  • Product Videos - watch one of our many video tutorials that walk you through how to use various areas of the product.
  • Knowledge Base / FAQ's - browse and read numerous help center articles that thoroughly document MyVR.
  • Help Search - enter a few keywords for your help topic and we’ll search the Community and Knowledge Base for topics relevant to your question.
  • 1:1 Training - buy 1:1 training in our Services Marketplace to have a MyVR representative walk you through using all or a portion of the software.
  • Paid Help by MyVR Experts - take it easy and purchase a paid service (data import, website design, SEO, and more) from a MyVR team members or outside specialists in our Services Marketplace.

You can choose to 'Contact MyVR', but we're asking that direct emails to our team be limited to problems (bugs, billing issues, etc) or feature suggestions. Requests for help using the product should instead be made through the “Ask the Community” feature. The MyVR Community enables faster response times (other users can answer your questions too), and allows other users with the same question in the future to benefit from the publicly written response. You may even find that your question was already answered! As mentioned above, we also offer numerous options to help you either answer the question yourself or hire someone to help you if you prefer.

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