Reservation statuses

Reservation statuses allow myVR users to see pending and confirmed request allowing them to take action.

Status can be seen under Reservations > Reservations

  • Tentative: A reservation that has been created but not booked. Usually, reservations with this status are created within the MyVR dashboard by a MyVR user. This status is generally applied when the potential renter has not yet paid or agreed to the terms of a reservation. This status does not apply to reservation requests.
  • Requested: A reservation where the potential renter has requested to book a property, and a MyVR user needs to approve the request to complete the booking.
  • Reserved: A booked reservation.
  • Canceled: A reservation has been halted. Cancelled reservations cannot be booked again, and no more payments can be collected on such reservations. Refunds can still be made. Cancelled reservations will not block the calendar. A reservation in any status other than Requested can be cancelled.
  • Declined: The equivalent of Cancelled but for Requested reservations.
  • Open: A reservation where no status has been set yet. The status is indeterminate.



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