Custom fields

Custom fields are a powerful feature that saves time and helps deliver more personalized guest interactions when used in email templates, multi-property websites, and through access to MyVR’s API.

To create a new custom field:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Custom Fields on the MyVR menu
  2. From here, select if the field is related to Properties or Reservations.
    • Examples of Property Custom Fields might be a Wifi Code or Navigation Directions to a property while Reservation Custom Fields could be used to designate a guest as part of a Loyalty Program or to designate a MyVR user as responsible for a particular Reservation.
  3. After selecting Property or Reservation, click on the “+Add New Field” button to designate a field name.  
  4. Choose the Data Type from the following formats:
    • Single Line Text: No formatting, use for quick text like wifi passwords, ID numbers, etc.

    • Large Text / HTML: text formatted as HTML for display including Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.

    • Single Select: Allow the user to select from a drop-down list of options
    • File Upload: Allow a file to be uploaded, such as House Rules
    • User: Allow a MyVR username to be selected
  5. Default value:
    • To allow for the field to come pre-populated with a default value that will apply to every Property or Reservation, specify the default data in the "Default Value" field:
      • Example: Default Loyalty Code - ManyLoyalCustomers
    • If the value for a field will change by property/reservation, leave the default value blank and then complete the information in the following locations:
      • Reservations > Select a Reservation > scroll down to Edit Custom Field
      • Properties > Select an individual Property > Custom Fields
        • Example: Single Reservation Loyalty Code - 1LoyalCustomer

Once a custom field has been created, it can be used on reservations/properties as established. 

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